By Functioning as an academic arm of community-based efforts for the advancement of women/gender equity-based sustainable development and poverty reduction, GDRSC aim to work as regional center for excellence in the field of gender research and development studies, and to mainstream gender as a key perspective and ethical concern in faculties level. This is to be achieved by:

  • Teaching undergraduate and post-graduate students in gender research and development studies to create gender experts, gender-sensitive/gender responsive cadres in different fields;
  • To train a cadre of various backgrounds who will serve in governmental organizations, where they will act as catalysts for change and will facilitate the integration of gender in decision –making and policy formulation.
  • To contribute to intellectual development of research of gender and development studies from an interdisciplinary perspective through undertaking research and updating the university curricula to incorporate the result of new scholarship;
  • To aware both men and women by helping them to understand, recognize and acknowledge the multidimensional roles of women and men in society through public lectures, seminars, workshops and mass media;
  • To contribute to the national and regional /global debate on gender by linking scholars, policy makers, activist, extension and field workers for the promotion of women development activities and programs;
  • To provide short term courses to development practitioners and organizations.
  • Forging linkages with regional / international women / gender studies research networks and association to engage in current debates and issues that would enhance curriculum-building.