Library Services

Only library books are for external loan, while the rest of the information sources such as journals and encyclopedias and dictionaries are allowed for internal loan only. All library books that are available for loan must be issued before you may take them out of the Library. You must have a current Library card whenever you are borrowing.

Items on loan should be returned or renewed by the due date. It is your responsibility to be aware of the due date(s) of any items borrowed and to maintain current address and email account details with us at all times.

How do I register?
Every new library user has to register before borrowing books. You can register at the circulation desk. A student, employee card, or any identification card is necessary for the registration, and submitting two personal photo size (4X6). Registration is free of charge for all MA students and employees of Gender-Development Researches and Studies Center (GDRSC) at Sana'a University.

Borrowing, Renewing, and Returning
Who can borrow?
The use of the library for borrowing is permitted to registered users only.

Registration as a user is open to all persons in the following categories:

Internal borrowing

  • Academic faculty members of GDRSC, and colleges or centers at Sana'a University.
  • MA students of GDRSC, graduate and postgraduate students of centers and colleges at Sana'a University.
  • Bachelor Students at Sana'a University.
  • Researchers from inside and outside the university.
  • Staff and employees of GDRSC.

Note: borrowers and users who are not staff, employees or students in GDRSC can borrow items inside the library ONLY.

External borrowing

  • Academic staff of the GDRSC.
  • Graduate students of the GDRSC.
  • Employees of the GDRSC.

Note: Only this group of users have access to the full range of library services, including borrowing privileges and the use of electronic resources.

Borrowing and returning
To borrow a book, present it with your borrower's card at the circulation desk. The books must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed. Your borrower's card is not required when returning books.

REMEMBER, anything you borrow should be returned by the due date. If you don't return by the due date you will be liable to a fine.
Loan allowances.

Each category of borrower has a total library loan allowance with additional limits depending on the loan type;

Academic Staff of GDRSC
Total loan allowances: 5 items

Graduate student of GDRSC
Total loan allowances: 3 items

Employee of GDRSC
Total loan allowances: 3 items

Loan periods – How long can I keep items?
Note: The Library may at any time require the immediate return of a book required by another reader. The latest date on which books should be returned will be advised at the time of loan or renewal – although the due date remains subject to earlier recall.

Loan periods depend on the category of borrower using library. The main loan types and loan periods are:

Academic Staff of GDRSC
Standard loans = 30 days

Graduate student of GDRSC
Standard loans = 7 days

Employee of GDRSC
Standard loans = 7 days


If you haven't finished using an item that is due for return you may renew it. You may bring items to the library to be renewed as long as they are not reserved for another user. Loans of books may be renewed, as long as there is no hold or recall on the item or unless you have outstanding fines. You may renew them in person at circulation desk if you do not have the books presenter remotely: either by phoning the relevant circulation desk or by e-mail.

It is important that all loans are renewed on or before the due date. If you are not able to renew your loans, please make sure you return them by the due date to avoid fines.

What can't I renew?
You cannot renew items which are:

  • Overdue.
  • Requested by someone else. Then you will be asked to return the book to the library by its due date or otherwise face paying a fine.

OR, if you have:

  • Reached the maximum number of renewals on an item.
  • Got any outstanding Library fines. Once you've cleared the fines, you'll be able to make renewals again.

Overdue items
If items are very overdue, your record will be blocked and you're borrowing privileges will be revoked until the items are returned or renewed and the fine is paid.

Lost books
Borrowers are responsible for all items on loan in their name. Lost books are normally charged at their original price. An additional administrative fee of YR 200 is charged for each lost item.

Services we provide
The library attempts to serve its target user groups with the best possible professional and friendly library service.

Provided Services:
Library database: The library provides a library database in which the library collections are registered.
Reading room: Users are welcomed to read the materials in the library in the reading room.
Computers: Users are welcomed to use the computers in the library for purposes that fits within the field of the library.
Reference service: Librarians help users to find desired and necessary items, and to find references for the needed information.
Librarians will support users in information search on internet and within OPAC collections.
Printing: YR 10 per page.
Photo copy: YR 10 per page.