Admission to the Library, Registration

Admission to the Library is conditional on observance of its Rules and Regulations. All readers are presumed to know these Rules and Regulations, which may be viewed via the web page and of which copies may be obtained at the Library counters.
All members of the Library staffs are empowered to enforce the Rules and Regulations.

The Library provides:
Library database: The library provides a library database in which the library collections are registered.
Reading room: Users are welcome to read the materials in the library in the reading room.
Computers: Users are welcome to use the computers in the library for purposes that fits within the field of the library.
Reference service: Librarians will help users to access the relevant information and to find references for concrete information needs.
Printing service: the cost is YR10 per page.
Photo copy service: the cost is YR10 per page.

  • These Rules and Regulations are subjected to change from time to time.
  • All users who wish to use borrowing services must register with the Library.
  • The Library is open to all persons in the following categories:
  • Borrowers and users who are not staff, employees or students in GDRSC can borrow items inside the library ONLY.
  • Academic staff, graduate students, and employees of the GDRSC have access to the full range of library services, including borrowing privileges and the use of electronic resources.
  • To have access to the Library, the registration is necessary. Registration requires valid proof of identification, such as: identity card or passport. By registering, users accept the Library’s Rules and Regulations and assure to respect them. Registration is valid for one year and may be renewed after that period. The Library runs a register of users with all necessary personal data.
  • Registered users of the Library consent to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of administrating their membership.
  • It is the user's responsibility to ensure that changes of address (or other personal information required) are notified to the Library.
  • The Library will where possible send notices to its users by e-mail, including overdue notices for books on loan, to the user's address known to the Library.
  • Library notices will be sent by e-mail to GDRSC staff, employees and students. Failure to receive e-mail notices will not invalidate any subsequent proceedings or action.
  • No user will be permitted to borrow books before completing the authorized Library registration procedure, which includes signing to the Library,
    Downloading User declaration form.doc