Borrower's card

  • This card must be carried whenever visiting the Library and must be produced in order to borrow items. The Library has a controlled entry system, so it is necessary to bring the card each time.
  • Library card is not required when returning books.
  • Only the person named on a card may use it. The card may not be lent to anyone else, nor used to admit anyone else. The loss of a card should be reported to the Library immediately. Users will be responsible for any books borrowed on a lost card before such notification is made.
  • For members of GDRSC, both students and staff, the validity of the card as a borrower's card is limited to a twelve-month period and it is necessary to renew it.
  • To borrow from the Library, the user needs to become an external registered borrower. Registration requires valid proof of identification, such as: identity card or passport. By registering as a borrower, users accept the Library’s Rules and Regulations and assure to respect them. Registration is valid for twelve months and may be renewed after that period.
  • A charge will be made for the replacement of lost or damaged external borrower's card.