Fines and Charges

  • Three overdue notices should be sent out to remind users that their item(s) is/are overdue.
  • All overdue items are subject to fines at the currently prescribed rates.
  • Borrowers who owe fines will not be allowed further borrowing until the fine is paid.
  • Failure to pay fines or to return books after the last overdue notice sent to the borrower, will lead to recovery of the sum at a rate determined by the Librarian covering the full cost of its replacement including all administrative costs as well as any other services cost for the last overdue notice.
  • The borrower receives a copy of a notice sent by the Library. If the item is returned at this stage, the replacement charge will be waived but the administrative charge and the accrued fine will remain payable.
  • Any borrower may be required to pay for the replacement of any book for the lost or damaged beyond repair while on loan or being used by the borrower, or which is not returned after being recalled by the Librarian and to pay such compensation as shall be fixed by the Librarian for any damage or defacement sustained by a book while on loan or being used by the borrower. The replacement charge includes an element to cover administrative costs.
  • Lost books are normally charged at the current replacement price.
  • Fines or charges may be waived or varied at the Librarian's discretion if the circumstances warrant such action.