Participation in the Second Summer School

10 September 2017

Twelve students from Yemen and Germany will participate in a five-day summer school from 18 to 22 August 2017 in Amman, Jordan that is a part of the Academic Approaches to Peacebuilding and State-building project between the Gender Development Research and Studies Center (GDRSC) and the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies (IOA)-Dept. of Islamic Studies, University of Bonn. It is worth mentioning that the students were selected on the quality of their essays on ‘Today’s challenges to peacebuilding or state-building’.

The aim of this workshop is to jointly further our knowledge of peace-building and state-building theories, fields of practice as well as approaches and challenges to peace-building and state-building (in Yemen) as well as to jointly develop our skills pertaining to critical academic analysis and positioning as much as to understanding and accepting differences and to expressing one’s own interests. The Summer School will also give the PhD students and advanced researchers the opportunity to present their projects and upcoming papers in the framework of this project in front of a German/Yemeni audience and receive respective feedback. It is also intended to offer MA students the opportunity to develop research questions for their thesis and/or present their research projects. Practitioners involved in the peace-building and state-building process in Yemen will also be invited to talk about their engagement to the students.

The young Yemeni researchers are master students of International Development and Gender (MIDG) at the GDRSC while the German master students come from different German universities and are interested in Yemen. The Yemeni students are:

  1. Eman AL-Sharafi
  2. Fatima Alrae’e
  3. Jamal Sultan
  4. Muna Al-Ariqi
  5. Osama Al-Ansi
  6. Mohammed Al-Shami

They will be accompanied by four academic staff members from the GDRSC namely Bilkis Zabara, Husnia Al-Kadri, Fawziah Al-Ammar, and Aref Al-Haj.

On the other hand, the German students are:

  1. Clemens Starke
  2. Dawud Ansari
  3. Katja Ferger
  4. Lisa Erlmann
  5. Pia Falschebner
  6. Sophie Falschebner

The German students will be accompanied by the academic staff; Marie-Christine Heinze, Hamida Behr, Andrea Warnecke, and Mareike Transfeld.

           The summer school is going to take a place in Amman for the second time as a result of the academic benefit that reflected on all participants. Moreover, the project is expected to be extended for a third year as well. This summer school was originally supposed to be taken in Germany; unfortunately, the venue changed to Jordan due to the ongoing war in Yemen which affected on the prices of flight tickets, accommodations, and long visa processing.

Finally, Yemeni and German academic staff structured and scheduled this summer school during a preparatory workshop in Amman earlier in April 2017.