Arrival new books to the library

09 January 2018

During the last period, many new books have reached the center's library as follows:

  1. Ginny Hill,Yemen Endures: Civil War, Saudi Adventurism and the Future of Arabia
  2. Colman McCarthy, Teaching Peace: Students Exchange Letters with Their Teacher
  3. 3.Glenn Kumhera, The Benefits of Peace: Private Peacemaking in Late Medieval Italy
  4. Dina Matar, Narrating Conflict in the Middle East
  5. Thomas Davies, Protest, Social Movements, and Global Democracy since 2011: New Perspectives
  6. Irfan A. Omar, Peacemaking and the Challenge of Violence in World Religions
  7. Oliver Ramsbotham, Contemporary Conflict Resolution
  8. Sarah Maddison, Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation
  9. Robert Jenkins, Peacebuilding: From Concept to Commission
  10. Patrick A. Mello, Democratic Participation in Armed Conflict
  11. Dr Kirsten Sellars, 'Crimes against Peace' and International Law
  12. C. Cockburn, Antimilitarism: Political and Gender Dynamics of Peace Movements
  13. Etain Tannam, International Intervention in Ethnic Conflict
  14. Peter Wallensteen, Peace Research: Theory and Practice
  15. 15.Hubert Vedrine, History Strikes Back
  16. Russell Buchan, International Law and the Construction of the Liberal Peace
  17. Amartya Sen, Civil Paths to Peace
  18. David Garnham, Democracy, War, and Peace in the Middle East