Director of the Center participates (via the Internet) in the Yemeni Women's Conference "Peace Mediators”"

29 March 2019
Dr. Halima Abdullah Jahaf, the director of  Gender Development Research and Studies Center, participated in the conference which was held from 29-27 March 2019 in the Jordanian capital of Amman under the title " Yemeni Women are Peace Mediators "  sponsored by United Nation and UN women.
The center's director stressed, via the sound intervention on internet, the important role of Yemeni women in peace process, especially at this phase where Yemeni women suffer negative effects on all levels (political, social, economic and security) due to the unjust aggression against Yemen.
She stressed that women's right to live in  safety is above the  political, economic, cultural and other rights
"The aggression and blockade imposed on Yemeni people and the closure of the airport are reasons for their lack of participation and other women. This reflects the real situation of Yemeni women that cannot obtain their most basic rights in playing their real role in the peacemaking process.
She expressed her hopes that Yemeni women can obtain  their all rights so that they can perform their duties at all levels. These tasks and duties include the role of women in the peace making and access to political solutions.
"All active Yemeni women must practice their role in the peacemaking process and not put obstacles in front of any group simply because they belong to a particular component, party or faction, and here comes the role of the United Nations in finding clear mechanisms and serious and fair coordination of any activities, meetings or consultations. Giving Yemeni women the opportunity from all parties to participate in all sides of life in equal proportions, Jahaf added.
"Such  important conference should be held in Yemen to address the real situation and suffering of the Yemeni women, so that more positive results would be achieved andl directly would help to highlight the role of women in the peace process" , she concluded.